Pre-order Fake Witness Paperback

You can now pre-order the Fake witness paperback from Waterstones, WH Smith, Blackwells, and all major and independent bookshops in the UK. The publication date in 01 November 2021, but you can order now in UK bookshops by name ‘Fake Witness‘ and ISBN number 9781739949006.

That’s great news for anyone currently struggling with what to buy as a Christmas present for that hard to please person who has everything, or who you don’t want to spend too much money on. A uniquely different, but reasonably priced, gift suitable for everyone.

It’s great news for my author, Richard Underwood, too. It means he’ll be busy promoting his book.

It’s not such great news for me. He’s been busy writing the second book in my series, and he’s put me in an impossible position where I’ve just been arrested for murder. I hope he stops mucking about with promoting his first book and gets back to writing his second book. Not sure how he’s going to get me out of the pickle he’s left me in, but I can usually depend upon him to pull something unusual out of the bag.

Please help me out and pre-order Fake Witness. The more pre-orders, the less my author will worry; and the less worries my author has the sooner he will get back to writing me out of this stinking cell!