Car Chase Through Manchester

Car Chase Through Manchester

I’m in the middle of a car chase through Manchester, and what a scary ride it has been. My author doesn’t half put me through it.

I’d broken into a suspect’s house at night to find evidence for the case I’m working on.

Everything was going fine until the suspect woke up and nearly caught me. I managed to escape, got into my car and drove away, only to find the suspect chasing me in his car.

The chase went on for hours through the dark streets of Manchester, and he rammed my car a few times too.

My author is in the middle of writing this chapter, so I don’t know if I get away or not. I hope so, because I want to have a few more adventures yet. At the moment I’m in limbo. Not knowing if I’m going to escape or get captured. It’ll all be in my author’s next book, so I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see what happens when the book is published next year.

Hope he hurries up. At the moment I’m stuck in this car chase through Manchester in the middle of the night. I’m in Manchester, but completely lost through having had to twist and turn to try and outrun the car chasing me. Help!

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