Who Do You Think You Are?

The ‘Who Do You Think You Are‘ television show takes celebrities, and researches their background. I never expected an Ann Perkins version, but my author, Richard Underwood, has done the next best thing.

Not a TV show, and to be honest he’s not gone back very far into my family history, but he has given me a lot more information about my recent past. Fake Witness, the first book in the Ann Perkins Detective Agency series, begins with Ernie Wright robbing a bank, and I knew very little about my past before that date. Now, he’s written a prequel. Granted, it’s not a very long prequel, but it does cover what happened to Ernie during the couple of years prior to the the bank robbery.

The prequel is a short, but free, story called The Plan, and it’s available as an eBook from all the usual eBook suppliers. You can even download it free, directly from the publishers using the above link.

The story provides information about events in Ernie’s life prior to his decision to rob a bank, and tells how he planned and prepared for the robbery.

As Ernie himself would admit, his days prior to the robbery were not as thrilling and exciting as the days following it. The story of his earlier life is not so much a crime story (not at all in fact) but a story of pathos infused with hilarity. Ernie’s life was far from easy, but he had a plan to improve things.

Who do you think you are - the plan cover
He has a plan. What could go wrong? If you have to ask, then you don’t know Ernie Wright. Nothing is going to go smoothly. Nothing ever does.

Once you know what he’s been up to, you may well ask ‘who do you think you are.’ With his dual personality and tendency for chaos, even Ernie would have problems answering that question.