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Welcome to the exciting world of the Manchester Ann Perkins Detective Agency. No crime too small or too large for our fictitious private investigators.

When the author Richard Underwood first created the character of Ann Perkins, there was never any intention to create a detective agency. Quite the opposite in fact. Her character was created on the other side of the law and she first appears as a bank robber intent on securing a million pounds.

You may have some sympathy for her. After all, who among us would not want to become a millionaire, and how many among us really have an opportunity of realising their dreams.

All I wanted was to get my hands on a million pound, and the only two ways I could think of was to win the lottery or rob a bank. The bank seemed better odds, so I devised a plan involving guns and disguises. Things didn’t go smoothly. Nothing ever does.”

Anyway, that’s ancient history now. Suffice to say, if you want to know how the bank robbery turned out, whether she got her hands on a million pounds, and how she came to end up as a private detective running her own agency, then you need to purchase a copy of the author’s book, Fake Witness, the first novel in the Ann Perkins Detective Agency series which is being published in the UK at the start of November 2021.

As for Ann herself, she’ll be dropping by from time to time to let you know about her current cases, so if you want to get the lowdown about all the criminal activities in Manchester this is the place to be.

The Ann Perkins Detective Agency is where it’s all happening. She’s always got a plan, but nothing is ever going to go smoothly. Nothing ever does.